Chris Sweet is a Northern California hip hop Artist/Producer. Born in Sacramento, Chris started out in high school Djing parties at the age of 15. As his collection of vinyl grew, so did his love for freestyling over the instrumentals on the records in his crates. Soon the love of playing hip hop records would transition into making them. After high school he enrolled in the audio engineering program at Sacramento City College, sharpening the skills behind the board as a producer. Soon after his education, he relocated to San Francisco with fellow Sacramento native Dj Behold to work on his debut album. After working on the project for a few years, in 2014 with the help of Dj Behold and Ross D, Chris released his first studio album ” The Arrival”.  This would also mark his introduction into making videos, a craft he would develop over the next few years. In 2015 Chris Sweet and Dj Behold formed “The Crate Robbers”, a throwback hip hop group focusing on chopped up sample based “boom bap” hip hop, which was the source influence on both of them growing up. The first official project is the ep “Seconds” the follow up project to “The Arrival” During the time material for “Seconds” was being recorded, Chris was also working with Ross D on a compilation album titled ” Higher Burning: Volume One”. In 2016 both projects wrapped up. With two albums set to be released later in the year, Chris Sweet is ready once again show the world his passion and love for real hip hop music.